minor update

So I thought I would put something up in case all three or four of you lost interest. Computer access comes and goes...and mostly goes. My elation over New England's win on Sunday was quickly replaced by the combined anxiety and breathless waiting for the AFC championship next weekend. Someone told me that Peyton Manning chokes on important games, but now the rest of my family wants to root for Indianapolis because they haven't been to the Super Bowl. Or something. 24 caused me much consternation. Curtis died. Of course, previously I had been wondering why he was still alive...he was so cool, how could he still be alive? Now that he is dead I am distraught. And for all those who complained that the premiere had too much pc-ness with the Muslims being bad guys but so qualified that you almost felt they weren't Muslim. My stance is that the writers are trying to make sure they stay alive. Risky business. Might as well try to keep the masses of homicidal maniacs pacified while you're skewering them.


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