Appelhans, Card, and Leviton

Chris Appelhans writes one of the most...heart warming comic strips ever. It's called Frank and Frank. He hasn't done many of them yet, but seriously, they're all great. Read it Here. For those of you into Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card's just begun a new book, called Empire. It seems to be set modern day, and deals with Islamic terrorism, and the possiblity of a second American Civil War. The first five chapters are up on his website for free! Go read 'em if you feel so inclined. They're pretty cool. Empire (aprox. PG-13 for language and violence) And as an extra special's a song by Michael Leviton. He's sort of a more cynical Jack Johnson. Summer's the Worst


Catherine_Creagan said...

Those cartoons are really cute, but I don't think they have anything on Calvin and Hobbes. But then, I don't think anything does.

Ben Milton said...

I'd agree with you, but they still are pretty awesome. Silent strips have a different feel to them.

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