Mignola Cartoon!

Back from the dentist - for the third time in a week. *blah* Once more tomorrow, then: Freedom! Got bonding done to add a bit onto some of my teeth that were too far apart, and then a retainer for my new mouth. *grin* On another note... Mike Mingola, the guy who writes and illustrates Hellboy, and a former Portland resident (how many comic book writers aren't?) wrote a one-shot a while back called "The Amazing Screw-On Head." It was a deeply weird adventure/alternate history story involving a robot named Screw-On Head, and his battles against Emperor Zombie. Mignola, of course, pulled it off brilliantly, but recently the SciFi channel anounced they'd made a Screw-On Head animated short. They remain dubious as to whether it will have any appeal to the masses, so it remains online for now, in the hopes that enough people will warm to it. Go see it Here. It's hillarious. And features Mignola style animation!


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