Music, and Aimee Mann

Took me four or five hours to figure out how to do it properly, but I finally managed to post mp3 files on here. Turns out you can't link them from archived emails, or upload them from your computer; you have to first upload them from your music library to an online file hosting site (particular file hosting sites too, most of them don't work right or scam you) and then hotlink from there. But on the bright side, it looks like Blogger has a new feature that lets you play the music at the blog. Cooool.
Anyway...(drumroll) Here's Aimee Mann singing from Live at St. Ann's Werehouse.


Anonymous said...

Ben...Aimee Mann is for CHICKSS!!!

Ben Milton said...

Free the bonds of your constricted mind, man. @_O :D Bands that actually involve females can in some cases be very cool. :) And put in your name. Feel like I'm talking to the voice of the Internet here, and it's spooking me.

Catherine_Creagan said...

Not the voice of the Internet: it's the NSA, remember?

Ben Milton said...

Er...beg your pardon, officer. <:)

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