Today I saw a guy grimly riding his bike through the crowded city streets wearing a typical biking shirt...emblazoned with bananas! This led me to recollect an amusing anecdote about Puritans and bananas. They hated the innocent tropical fruit and thought it most disgusting because: they boiled the whole thing and ate it with the peel on. Lunatics. That's your fun fact for the day!


Anonymous said...

Crazy shmucks...say...does the peel have potassium? Maybe they weren't such morons...

Catherine_Creagan said...

The peel just tastes bad. That's all. You're supposed to peel things for a reason, you know.

Anonymous said...'re supposed to peel apples too? lol, I know what you mean. My point was, could there be untold loads of potassium in said banana peel? For the sake of conversation...Im not condoning banana peel eating...or anything. *scratches head just like monkey*

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