En Guard!

Fencing is one of the coolest sports ever. What can beat stabbing people with swords? But, it's very different from what people think it is. It isn't anything like dueling and it doesn't, in the end, have anything to do with killing people. The key word is 'sport'. Fencing is a mental game. It is about using your head to fool someone else's head. That is why it is such a fascinating game. It has multiple layers of complexity, each very difficult to learn, taking hours of experience and concentration. At the end, however, it is so rewarding that your hours of sweating and striving for perfection become a happy memory tinted with your knowledge of achievement. There is nothing like hearing "Bout!" ring through the salle and calmly saluting your defeated opponent. Sweat dripping from your face, your whole body exhausted, you stand there with eyes shining and taste the joys of victory. Anyways, if you ever have a chance, try fencing. It's a sport like no other.


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