For those of you who enjoy Dorthy Sayer's Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, I'm sure you'll agree that Lord Peter can't be played by just anybody. He is a very unique person, and Ian Carmichael in the BBC series, doesn't quite cut it. I just discovered recently that Sayers used the face of Roy Ridley (pictured above) to help her describe Lord Peter. Insidentaly, his face is very similar to the one I always envisioned, the face of Lesley Howard.


Anonymous said...

You address your post to "those of you who enjoy Dorothy Sayer's Lord Peter Wimsey." A more interesting (but potentially far more frightening) question would be: "are there any of you who do not enjoy them?"

Then we'd know who to avoid.

Carmichael doesn't quite cut it. And he fails by a fairly large margin. Edward Petherbridge is slightly better. Slightly.

I can't say I'd ever though of Howard before, but I've always imagined Ralph Fiennes in the role. Course, that might have at least something to do with his acting chops...

Catherine_Creagan said...

Leslie Howard all the way...Ralph Fiennes? Maybe, but I don't think he quite looks the part. Ian Carmichael doesn't cut it all, except for his inflections; but even so, I was unable to sit through his performance. Images of dead Leslie Howard were filling me with anger at the injustice of the world (why couldn't they have made the films back then...)

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