A little peice of cool knowledge: my friend Sarah Neufeld has gotten her book Visibility accepted for publishing! It'll be published as a young adult illustrated novel (not a graphic novel, as in comic book, but a book with pictures.) The illustrator isn't known yet, but regardless this is a really cool idea. More books ought to have pictures in them the way Coraline and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell do. If you haven't heard (or read it yet) Visibility is a modern-day story about a shy, introspective teen named Natalie, whose mother happens to be the only person on earth who can become invisible at will. It's an amazing story, one of my favorite young adult books, scifi or otherwise, and absolutely deserves to see a wider release than Sarah's current self-publishing effort can reach (iUniverse can only go so far.) If you haven't read it yet, you can buy it on, or if you're at TAC, I'll lend it to you.


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