The forbidden security measure'd think that after about a decade of dealing with Islamic terrorists we'd start to notice some basic points. A) They mostly come from the Middle East; B) They are mostly male; C) They are mostly Muslim; and D) If they're Muslim, Middle Eastern and male, that means MOST OF THE TIME you ought to be looking for dark complexioned men speaking Arabic and waving the Koran around. But no. That would be rude. And if we're going to get wiped out as a nation, we might as well be remembered as polite. Despite the fact that the IRA hasn't been threatening us with utter annihilation lately and as far as I know Scandanavia has yet to send bevies of their braided women with the intent to kill, TSA continues to methodically chose people at random from among those in line and carefully search and probe them...and if we're lucky, we might actually choose someone who looks half-way capable of being a terrorist. This is not to say I've become a racist and accuse all Arabs of trying to kill me; it's just that mathematically the probability of Great Aunt Helga on visit from Lichstenstien attempting to wreak havoc at the airport instead of Mahmoud Hassan Ali from Syria is fairly remote.


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