report from the front

I just realized that I failed to mention my football teams over the weekend. It was bittersweet...while Notre Dame vanquished MSU, New England suffered a grievous defeat at the hands of the Denver Broncos. To think that I rooted for Denver briefly as a child. The Notre Dame win was truly spectacular, though. What with everyone feeling that their football season was shot, they would never make it to the National Championship, Brady Quinn's Heismann hopes drifting away; and then the fourth quarter happened, and we realized Michigan State was not University of Michigan. That was last week! And with that epiphany, the Irish cleaned house. Huzzah. On the other hand, on Sunday, the Patriots were defeated. At home. All I can say is that it's a wonder they won the two previous games, considering the way their star players are defecting left right and center. Adam Vinateri (sp, probably...that's how it sounds anyway) sought greener pastures in Indianapolis, Deion Branch went West Coast into Seattle, and as for Willie McGinest (another terrible sp strikes) and David Givens, I completely forgot where they went. The main thing is that they're gone, and Tom Brady is having to deal with a bunch of rookies for the time being. Of course they'll all pull through in the end, once they've figured out how to play together, but for now every game brings about a severe fit of anxiety on my part. Next Sunday they'll be on the road in Cinncinatti (is that how you spell it?) and that won't be easy.


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