Five years later

Over the the weekend, I've been reliving the events of September 11, 2001 in a number of ways. On Friday I became embroiled in an online debate over what really happened that fateful fall morning. On Saturday I watched the phenomenal movie "United 93". Last night I watched the first half of abc's controversial mini series, "The Path to 9/11"; now the anniversary itself has almost passed. The debate I've been having (or attempting to have) about what really happened on 9/11 is very hard to take seriously. However, the guy who insists that the WTC was really demolished by Zionists takes himself very seriously. As does the other young lady who thinks that these so called "neo-cons" brought down the towers to make an excuse for war in the Middle East. I think I'll just wash my hands of the whole it really that hard to believe that Islamic terrorists wish to kill thousands of Americans? Haven't they been trying to kill thousands of Westerners for several hundred years? As for the two movies I've seen, I have nothing but praise. "United 93" is an important movie with an important story to tell. As Mr. Bush said in his speech, those Americans on that plane won our first victory in the war on terror. The abc docudrama has been very fair, I think. Critics claim that the scene in which CIA agents wait in vain for the go ahead order to capture Bin Laden is fictionalized. I see no problem in creating a scene that pretty much covers all 12 times Clinton had Bin Laden within reach and let him go. I will be watching the conclusion tonight, and hope it will be as interesting and well done as the first segment. God Bless America


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