Ring of Fire

So here we are at TAC, cellebrating its 35th aniversary. Right about when the people get out of the opening mass, they notice that it seems to be snowing, until they realize that that's actually ash, and that the sky has been blotted out and the sun is dim and blood red. After ruling out the possiblity that the second coming was at hand, we found out that a brushfire had been spreading for a while now, was headed south, in our direction. So here I sit, in the TAC computer room, wondering if they're going to start ringing the church bells soon to evacuate us, and thinking Hey, maybe if we WERE evacuated, I'd get some more writing done on my book. And, in a relevant way, for those who like both Johnny Cash and Coldplay: Ring of Fire


Catherine_Creagan said...

Man, TAC is always almost on fire.

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