Enough is enough

Yesterday I was reading the magazine Chronicles, but stopped after reading an article about "Bush's Legacy" by Joseph Sobran. Unfortunately, not being a reamarkably ariticulate person, I can't quite convey the depth of animosity I now feel toward Mr Sobran. It's one thing to label yourself a paleo-conservative and every other conservative who disagrees with you a neo-conservative; and I don't care if these paleo-conservatives disagree with Bush's policies and are frustrated with him...that's their deal. But I am so sick of them slamming Bush and being stupid about it. What does Mr Sobran prove by stating that "one glaringly obvious difference between America and France is that the French have a president who speaks fluent English." ? Aside from the fact that it's puerile humor at best, what's the point? He goes on to moan about Iraq, about our civil liberties disappearing, and then declares that Clinton's administration was a comparative "golden age". This is where I get violent. So now this supposedly Christian, conservative columnist wants back William Jefferson Clinton. The man whose screwball policies (or would that be non-policies?) on terrorism lost us opportunities to secure al-Qaida and Bin Laden, got two embassies and the Cole bombed, and ultimately led to 9/11; the man who opened the doors for abortions to peak in the 90's; the man whose deception and promiscuity led to only the second impeachment of a president in US history; we're to prefer him over a genuine Christian who has succesfully combated terrorism for five years, under whom abortions have dropped significantly, with abortion clinics closing so that there are now hundreds where there were thousands, who vetoed the stem cell research bill...pass the milk of magnesia.


Anonymous said...

Sobran has lost his mind.

...I think it's hiding somehwere. Probably with Pat Buchanan's mind.

Ben Milton said...

I'll have to avoid that. Authors who are that stupid make me twitchy. Whereas people like Ann Coulter make me embarrassedly gleeful. Abortion as the sacrament of the Left? Brilliant. :D

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