The Ladies of Grace Adieu

Charles Vess, one of the preeminent fantasy illustrators, has put information up on his blog about the illustrations he's doing for Susanna Clarke's new collection of short stories, The Ladies of Grace Adieu (at left is Vess' rendition of the Raven King). It will collect most of Clarke's shorter works, plus a new one involving Jonathan Strange, and ought to be out on October 16th. The blog also has pictures from the cell phone of Neil Gaiman from the set of the Stardust movie, an adaption of Neil's fantasy tale, which he and Neil are currently involved in. And speaking of Clarke, New Line Cinema has picked up the movie rights to JS&MN. This sounds hopeful, what with New Line's track record with The Lord of the Rings, and their upcoming production of His Dark Materials and Inkheart.


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