Absurdity heaped on absurdity

This caught my attention while browsing likeawhatsit. I rarely talk about the issue of embryonic stem cell research because it is so fundamentally sick and disgusting that one would think it wouldn't pose much of a problem. But it does...and makes me think of this passage from Baruch: "(God) brought down upon us evils so great that there had not been done anywhere under heaven what has been done to Jerusalem...that one after another of us should eat the flesh of his son or of his daughter. He has made us...a reproach and a horror among all the nations round about to which the Lord has scattered us. We are brought low, not raised up..." Extinguishing the life of a tiny child so that your biological needs can be fulfilled; embryonic stem cell research is not much different from eating children. You just have to wonder why the cures brought about by adult stem cells are ignored in the general media frenzy over what might happen with embryonic stem cells is highlighted again and again. Then again, it's not that unbelievable. If you admit that embryos are children and cannot be tampered with, then the argument for abortion quickly evaporates into nothingness. Isn't it funny that women supposedly have a right to decide what to do with their body; their reproductive system cannot be regulated in any way by the government; but the general public allows its respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems to be regulated day in and day out? Smoking is not allowed in practically every building in the US. In New York, restaurants are not allowed to serve foods with trans fats in them; and printing nutritional information on food products theoretically serves the same purpose that posting ultasounds of babies on the walls of abortion clinics does...just letting you know what you're getting. Nurses in public schools are not allowed to give aspirin to children with headaches...if those same children want contraceptives, than all bets are off as the nurse doles them out. We can let the government regulate all this...but the reproductive system? Perish the thought. Because no matter what progressive teachers and radicals tried to tell you in the 60's, apparently sex isn't just like every other bodily urge. Every other bodily urge we attempt to control.


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