Alright. I know I usually wait for the weekend to cease before I do the whole stats thing, but I'm bored, and frankly devoid of any other topic of conversation. The Irish destroyed Stanford. But it's not like anyone was expecting anything different. All I can say is I sure hope Brady Quinn gets the Heismann (is that how you spell it? Good lord, I'm unreliable) trophy because I just remembered that he's a senior. And I really doubt he's going to pull a Matt Leinhart and stay another year. (What would it be this time? Yoga?) So. Let's all pray that Ohio State turns into a complete catastrophe (the football team, not the state itself) and enters a deathspiral of losses. I'm afraid there's no other way. Hasta la vista until next time, when I shall indubitably record what happened to New England tomorrow. Crumbs, I don't even know who they're playing.


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