too bad

Because yesterday was the 13th and a Friday, I was going to do a cool little piece on Franco; my reasoning was that all irrational people would be hiding in their closets and I would be speaking solely to intelligent beings. But the moment has passed. Until the next Friday the 13th. In the meantime, I am watching Gettysburg as promised and realizing that I never followed this movie like I thought I did when I was little. What was I doing? (Chamberlain's mustache is not listing yet...that I do remember) Here for your musing are some poll results I found interesting. Most intriguing was the result about choosing a candidate based on religion alone. I wonder why 83% said yes to a Catholic, since most Catholic politicians aren't, well, Catholic. I suppose there are more nominal Catholics in the country than I thought.


Lenor said...

you said one is concerned about voting for a Catholic because most Catholic polticins are CINOs (Catholics in name only) Bring up someone like Santorum or Jeb Bush or....I'm drawing a blank on other solidly Catholic politicians. Or maybe I'm not......

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