*is ashamed*

I'm in an egregiously rotten mood. Well yes, you may say. The world is populated with crazy Communists and Muslims who are armed with nukes and want nothing so badly as our immediate and painful death. (Yeah, remember that whole Mutually Assured Destruction thing? I don't think it's going to work with these guys...) On top of that, politicians are as corrupt as they've ever been, as of now we are being ruled by nine tyrants nobody voted for (yes, that would be SCOTUS) and the media is saturated with immorality that everyone's supposed to lie down and accept. Alas, no. I am not unduly troubled by the above, though I should be. The particular thorn in my flesh is a housing project going on right outside my own house. I have tried to look at it in a positive light; after all, doesn't everybody need a place to live? Haven't I witnessed my married siblings search for houses and wished them luck? I do try to envision these new houses as future homes instead of aesthetically unsound structures. I try to imagine happy little families creating traditions and memories in a happy little home. But it's hard. All I can concentrate on right now is the fact that they've cut down a lot of trees, creating a large and highly unattractive brown spot; large machines and power tools drown out the normal quiet and/or pastoral birdsong; and the house that will go up ( one of four; the others are hard on its heels) will succesfully block a gorgeous view of the Cascades and surrounding foothills. And some of the others will just make the view out my window a whole lot less utopian. There. I shouldn't be so whiny, but misery is hard to foist upon me, and, well, these few houses have done it. Remarkable.


Lenor said...

whachya complaining about....North Korea and Iran are going to nuke us anyway, not like those trees were going to be there much longer.

I consider this a "glass about to be pulverized" view of the world.

Father Barry said...

On second thought, maybe we'll stay down here for need for more than one egregiously cranky person in the family.

-ignorance is bliss in So. Ca.

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