The Christian Response

The appalling murders that took place in the Amish community of Nickel Mines, PA, a few days ago gave me cause to think how much different the true Christian response to tragedy is in comparison to the Islamic response we see all to liberally. Here is a tiny town that has been emotionally devasted, five young girls shot to death, and five more still suffering from their wounds; and yet there is no anger. Just grief and acceptance. In recent times, we have become so used to hearing of Muslims taking offence at this, at that, and the other, and reacting with destruction and death, I think stories like this give hope that humans are, after all, human. These Amish have no e-mail, no telephones; they come to share their condolences with the afflicted families by taking the time to travel to their respective homes. They don't demand tighter gun restrictions, more funding for security, or even show disgust at the killer himself. Instead, they invited the killer's family to the funeral, reached out and offered them sympathy as well; because the killer too had died. And they didn't see it as the death of one who deserved to die, but the death of a human being; in other words, a tragedy. How striking the difference is between these genuine Christians and the current Muslim violence in Gaza, Iraq, and throughout the world. To the Muslims who run riot across the evening news every night, the death of a family member, friend, or just another Muslim who lived within shouting distance is cause for as many throats to be cut as humanly possible. But for as much violence and suffering as we have to live with in this world, at least in these simple Americans we can see authentic Christians: compassionate, loving, humble, and human.


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