I forgot to tell the world what I thought about this movie, silly me. I LOVED it. At first I wasn't that thrilled with idea because let's face it...World War I? Gaaaah. But this film was so good; it showed that yes, trench warfare was incredibly hideous, and the destruction and death was made all the more horrific by its apparent pointlessness; but what was also shown was that heroic virtue and courage are timeless and can be applied to any situation. It was also really interesting...instead of focusing on trench warfare and the unbelievable death toll, it revealed the fascinating world of fighter pilots. Considering that the airplane had only recently been invented, I find it remarkable that it had so quickly become so indespensible. Looked air cockpits, yikes. Anyway. It was all very intriguing. And on top of that, it was just a ripping good story, great characters, sufficient humor, and all true. Besides, I love good war movies. In honor of my departed (gone to another state, for those of our uninformed readers) brother, I shall watch Gettysburg over the weekend. So. Go watch Flyboys if you can and revel in your inner patriotism, courage, and nobility. If you have trouble finding it (Flyboys...I'm assuming you're all well stocked in the virtues department) watch Band of Brother instead. And if you can't get ahold of that, watch Gettysburg over the weekend in spirit with me. Fortunately, the hatred of all things in military uniform has disappeared since the Vietnam era, so the populace of today greets our returning troops with enthusiasm and gratitude, thank God. Flyboys clearly illustrates that even if the cause does not meet with your criteria for support, many soldiers enlist out of love of their country...and nearly all posess a degree of courage and nobility that deserves even more widespread adulation.


Father Barry said...

Hm. This is pretty glowing. I'll have to reconsider my position.

Originally, I was going to stay very far away from it - mostly because of pseudo-Dean. (My pet name for James Franco.)

I can't stand the guy. He very nearly ruined another fascinating (and true) war film, The Great Raid. Which we watched together, come to think of it...

And have fun with Gettysburg! Pay special attention to the music for me, K?

Catherine_Creagan said...

The music? Heck, that's what made me decide on it in the first place, the theme was stuck in my head.
And as for Flyboys, yeah, first time ever that I've liked Franco. I agree with you about The Great Raid.

Anonymous said...

Cepasa amigos ))

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