Well, the Notre Dame/Navy game stopped being exciting pretty quickly...but then, Brady probably improved his chances for a heisman at the same time. This was aired during the game; best commercial I've seen in a LONG time. I love our military.


Lenor said...

way cool ad!

Lenor said...

hey I commented on this post already what's going on?????

esther said...

YEAH. guess who wasnt able to watch the game?

and hi =)

Father Barry said...

Whoa! Aunt Esther lives!

Why couldn't you watch the game? We missed it to - for some reason Costco was showing the Florida game. Dominic was muy irritated...Sean found Curious George, though, so he was okay.


esther said...


i couldnt watch the game cos i was on this retreat thing ... apparently football is "distracting" or some such nonsense ... i was also muy irritated

i love you all so much, after my week of Complete Rediculousness dies down, ill give you a call ("you all" being used here, i love each of you so much)

ps. i might be calling you soon anyways to discuss the contorted convoluted complete chaos that is The Metaphysics ...

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