How long will this take?

The conflict in Darfur, Sudan, has been going on for three years. 2.5 million displaced and 200,000 dead people later, when is the United Nations going to wake up? Answer: never. It's not going to do anything, because it's against the very nature of the institution. This is the institution that "looked into" the "acts of a genocidal nature" in Rwanda twelve years ago. And did...nothing. This is the institution that half heartedly tried to help in Kosovo, and succeeded only in making the world's largest slum (relatively speaking). So, since it's pretty obvious that the UN will continue to do nothing until directly asked by the government ( kind of like Hitler asking them for help because all these Jews were being killed...) shouldn't someone, somewhere, be doing something? It seems that way. The US is sending pounds upon pounds of food, but is in an awkward position because the Sudanese government is giving the Washington information on al-Qaida. So it's tricky business for the folks down at Foggy Bottom; if I were running the world, my foreign policy might be a little more along the lines're no longer in power here, but if you give us the information we want, you get to live. I wouldn't last long as a diplomat ( or is that doormat?) but at least something would get done. I just pray these suffering people don't continue to be killed and forgotten. The German people said "Ich wußte nicht" ( I didn't know) after World War II. What's today's excuse?


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