The Patriots didn't play today. Yes, their biggest fan this side of the Mississippi forgot they had a bye this weekend. Want to know what's even weirder? The Irish didn't play this weekend either. The powers that be have conspired to make the weekend BORING. Oh well. I had to go to CCD this morning and sat through a class about mental figleaves. It would seem that the most important figure in the Garden of Eden story besides God was the figleaves with which Adam and Eve chose to garb themselves. It symbolizes, I suppose, how they were no longer protected, how they were ashamed...and this relates to our present state in the form of mental figleaves. If you're lost at this point, "mental figleaves" is just a overly creative way to say "vices". There. This class also went into how certain words are inherently mysterious....such as love, soul, God, Trinity, I and you. Here I have to disagree. "I" is the word most commonly understood by each and every human being. My 18 month old niece has grasped the meaning of the word "I" completely; she knows just what she means when she lunges for the apples. "I want one" All the philosophical word wangling makes heads spin and in my opinion accomplishes very little else. I know who and what I am. I am a creature composed of body and soul; while myself is not contained in any one part of my body, I am incomplete after death, when my body is not available anymore. I guess I just don't see what is the point of even more introspection; having an entire class wandering about musing on themselves and their state of being doesn't seem like a good idea to me.


Lenor said...

"Ego" is the absolute first concept grapsed. You can see an infant realizing it. Closely followed is the concept of you. Once a again, a small child has a concept of you, and that usually that you have what he wants. Mother child relationship for example.

Love too is not a foreign notion. It is one of the most basic human activities. Anyone with any family can understand love.

It's sad that with such a great opprotunity to reach highschool students with philosophy that this opprotunity is being lost in sixties nonsense. The church is timeless, start with the timeless understandings.

Father Barry said...

Anyone without a family can understand love. Love is no more than willing the good for another. It is also no less. It has, surprisingly to some, very little to do with feelings, urges, attractions, etc. If you love someone, you want them to go to heaven. Simple as that. And guess what? If you want to love someone, you can. It's an act of the will (sorry, Dr. Laura).

The Trinity is pretty simple too...oh, no, wait, I guess that's not right...


Anonymous said...

St. Thomas Aquinas....It is actually pretty good the guy was only infinitely smarter than Creagan, Lenor, and "father" Berry.

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