Like that was any surprise

Yeah, so the Patriots won. I conceal my elation under miles of confidence in them. I have to address something else, though; so how about I say how much the Mark Foley affair bothers me? Not like we didn't know that Republicans are corrupt...they just happen to be less corrupt than Democrats. And they occasionally do something I like. But anyway; I find it aggravating that the media holds onto the emails for three years, and then release them right before the election. What could possibly cause them to do that? Also, why doesn't ABC go more in depth with how the IM's were a joke and a set up? And how, creepy and perverted as they were, they weren't illegal, because that idiot page was eighteen? Obviously other people have gone way more in depth with this than I have. Most I use this page as an outlet for my frustration at the lack of common sense in the world. And since I begin to feel that this post lacks some substance, here's something you can take away from it: What is a Freudian slip? When you say one thing and mean your mother.


Father Barry said...

And I'M getting tired of conservatives who try to dismiss the whole Foley thing by saying "he was eighteen." Who CARES? The man is still a CREEP! Ugh. I hate politics. It reminds me of those who tried to dismiss some of the Abu Grahib (sp?) stuff (specifically, violating the prisoners' sense of modesty) by saying "Oh, yeah, like that really hurt." Who cares if it didn't? It's still immoral.

There - glad to get that off my chest.

-Mrs. Joe

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